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Membership Benefits

Why Become a Member of UNA-USA and Affiliated Organizations?

  1. To Help Build Support for the United Nations among the American People

    The mission, work, and purpose of the United Nations are carried out through local and regional events hosted by UNA-USA’s chapters and divisions across the country. Without these local educational events, misperceptions about the UN can persist. Policy begins with public opinion and UNA-USA works to inform and shape public opinion at the most fundamental level.

  2. To Help Build Support for the United Nations among Elected Officials

    According to Former US Ambassador to the UN, Richard Holbrooke, “The UN is only as good as the US commitment,” furthermore, “The UN cannot succeed if the US does not support it.” Unfortunately, this commitment has fallen short at times in the form of late payments and the under funding of important efforts such as peacekeeping operations. Through our advocacy campaigns as well as through our relationships with some of the country’s top decision makers, we keep the pressure on to make sure that US support for the UN stays alive.

  3. To Demonstrate that the American People Long for Engagement

    In the highly globalized and vastly interdependent 21st century, the world needs positive engagement from the US government. One of the most vital tools in ensuring that commitment is the UN. In recognition that change often comes from the bottom up, individual citizens must personally demonstrate the engagement they would like to see their leaders pursue. Just as Mahatma Gandhi said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” There is no greater way to send a message urging cooperation and dialogue than to join an internationally minded civil society organization such as UNA-USA.

  4. Joining UNA-USA Means Joining a Community of Like-Minded Individuals

    Let’s face it, not everyone shares the same views on what would make the world a better place. That’s fine; discourse between individuals that disagree is what makes for a vibrant democracy. But isn’t it good to brainstorm and converse with people that agree on core issues such as the value of diplomacy and participation in International Organizations? Becoming a member of UNA-USA introduces you to a network of like-minded individuals that have the energy and inspiration necessary to promote the work of the UN at the grassroots level.

  5. The Educational Programs run by UNA-USA Develop Global Citizens

    Programs such as Global Classrooms and Student Alliance educate younger members through activities such as Model UN simulations and activism. By becoming a member you are supporting the next generation of leaders and ensuring that they are fully aware of the global implications and contexts of their decisions.

  6. UNA-USA Publications Offer a Fresh Perspective on World Affairs

    Publications such as The World Bulletin and a Global Agenda offer a more in depth perspective to world affairs than we normally see presented by the media. A world from the perspective of the UN differs from the world presented to us by the mainstream media. Gaining this new perspective stretches our political and philosophical belief system beyond the forces of nationalism and into a realm of universal humanism and global connectivity to other cultures, peoples and economies.

  7. UNA-USA Offers Vital Experience for Young Professionals

    The Young Professionals for International Cooperation (YPIC) program provides emerging leaders with resources to act on issues of national and global importance. By hosting events, coordinating fundraising programs, and by traveling to national and international conferences, members in the 21 to 40 age bracket further hone the skills and knowledge they will need to become the next group of global leaders.

  8. UNA-USA Engages Students

    Students at several levels are able to learn about important global issues, sponsor events to educate their fellow students, and connect with other globally-focused students around the nation, as well as support the work the Seattle UNA Chapter. Other opportunities include engagement in the UNA-USA Advocacy Agenda, as well as travel to the UN New York headquarters for special events. Currently, a Student Alliance is in the process of formation on the University of Washington campus. However, any middle school, high school, or college can create a student alliance. If you are interested in joining us through our UW Student Alliance, or would like to start one at your campus or school, please feel free to contact us for more information at