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Speakers Bureau

Let our willing experts work for your group!

  • Take advantage of our Speakers’ Bureau. We can provide top-notch speakers for your events, at no cost.
  • Choose from our outstanding list of educators, health professionals, climate-change specialists, former and current administrators, government officials, and NGO leaders, human-rights and country/regional specialists, among other leading experts living right here in the Pacific North-West.
  • We can provide speakers for general or specific topics, at all levels and for a variety of audiences. Whether it is an overview of the United Nations or any of its agencies or a topic focusing on and particular area of the UN’s work, we can assist.

Featured Topics

  • Global Health/Pandemics
  • International Organization
  • “Responsibility to Protect”
  • Third-Generation Conflict Resolution
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Food/Water Insecurity
  • Global Warming
  • Climate Change post-Copenhagen
  • Human Rights
  • Israel-Palestine
  • Iran and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime
  • Iran: Travel, History, Society, Culture
  • Iran-U.S. Relations
  • The ICC
  • Citizen Journalism
  • War & Peace
  • Globalization
  • and others…

To request a speaker for your group special event or meeting, please visit our Contact Us page and then select ‘Requesting a Speaker’ from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, post a query on our Facebook Forum.

UNA-USA Seattle Chapter means better speakers for you.

We look forward to your request!